What's Wrong With What We Are Doing Now?

healthcare cost by nationThe adjacent graph compares costs per person and average survivals in free market democracies, published in 2016 by the Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development. They show America spends  over twice what most others spend, and our average life expectancy significantly lower than in compared nations. What we are doing is neither smart nor kind.

The reasons include: (1) wasteful administrative costs, (2) predatory profits by some corporations, (3) easy access to specialists who charge fees for services rather than for results, and (4) the unique cost to our nation of caring for twenty million people who, having no insurance, receive no care to prevent addiction, obesity and unplanned pregnancies. They defer needed care until their diseases are advanced and costs are magnified. Then they seek discontinuous, inefficient and expensive care in Emergency Rooms.  Add to these (5) the costs to society of lost homes, cars and jobs that occur when responsible citizens’ lives are disrupted by unpredictable catastrophic illnesses.

Other modern, industrialized capitalist democracies are minimizing these problems. Each has features unique to its peculiar culture, but common to all is “universal” coverage, and mandatory contributions through premiums or taxes to pay modest costs of necessary health care.

The purpose of this website is to discover and refine a model for doing these things in ways that are consistent with American’s demands for independence.